We have quite an assortment of sachets available online and in our store.  What is a sachet?  These little super-stars are air fresheners made of corn cob and fragrance oil which pack quite a punch!  They will last approximately 3 months in a vehicle, 5 months in a ventilated area (living room, etc.), and 9 months in a non-ventilated area (drawer, etc.).

But make sure to keep them away from children and pets. Contents are not to be ingested. Caution in placing a scented Sachet on wood, plastic, or painted surfaces as any unabsorbed fragrance may cause damage to surface areas.

Top 50 Ways to Use a Sachet:

Add, hang, or place near:

  1. Shoe boxes or storage, and even stinky tennis shoes!
  2. Socks and lingerie drawers.
  3. In a coat closet to create a welcoming scent.
  4. When storing seasonal clothing.
  5. In storage bins to keep packed items smelling fresh.
  6. A garage, basement or other storage areas.
  7. Where you store your hiking gear or camping supplies.
  8. In the kitchen under sink, above refrigerator, etc.
  9. A vanity drawer or dressing table.
  10. In the bathroom
  11. Under your pillow, mattress, or bed.
  12. In the guest bedroom for a sweet welcome.
  13. In the linen closet.
  14. In the laundry room, or hamper.
  15. In an umbrella stand.
  16. In silk flower arrangements, vases, and centerpieces.
  17. In a basket in living areas.
  18. In hope chest or wardrobe.
  19. In cushions of sofas, chairs, or other seating.
  20. In any musty nook or corner.
  21. Near smoky areas or ashtrays.
  22. Near vents or on radiator
  23. Hang from ceiling fans.
  24. In a home that is “for sale”.
  25. To a vacuum compartment or bag.
  26. In backpacks, gym or golf bag.
  27. A home gym or workout area
  28. Near sweaty sports equipment.
  29. Inside your vehicle or trunk
  30. In luggage
  31. To freshen hotel rooms while traveling.
  32. To vacation homes (and leave behind as a gift!)
  33. Near pet bedding, crates and cat litter box.
  34. Beneath child’s car seat and in a stroller pocket.
  35. In a college or camp care package.
  36. Lockers
  37. A dorm room
  38. In your briefcase.
  39. In home office.
  40. In gift baskets.
  41. Give sachets as teacher or hostess gifts.
  42. Share a sachet as a housewarming gifts.
  43. As pretty present toppers.
  44. Brighten someone’s day by giving them a sachet!
  45. Store with cards and stationery.
  46. Give sachets as wedding and shower favors.
  47. Use as a holiday tree ornament
  48. Give as stocking stuffers.
  49. In your seasonal decor or centerpiece.
  50. in your storage of gift wrap.

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